Kendrick said it first...

So don't be mad. I wanted to speak on being humble. Not necessarily being TOO humble, but humble enough to know when it’s time to start over.

I recently spoke with a client about the power of being simple. There is something to be said about a brand that’s not all over the place, straight to the point, and like easy to understand. A lot of businesses think THE BIGGER THE BETTER! But no, our customers don’t have time to figure it all out in order to see if you’re a good fit for them.

If you started this way or find that you may be doing a little too much, START OVER!!! You aren’t any worse off!!!

CX is offering business development services to help propel those ideas into tangible coinage sooooooo don’t hesitate to contact us with questions!

Before I conclude, I’d like you to also answer these questions for me:

Will your brands message be relevant in 5 years?

Does your visual representation communicate your message clearly?

Do you have the brand recognition you want?

Is your SEO Optimized?

Are you FORWARD thinking?

Can you make money without performing a service first?

Are you expanding?

What Are your goals this year?

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