It's a person, silly.

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Let’s imagine that your business became personified and you had to spend a whole day with him/her.

Would you like them? Would you schedule another date? (Be honest). This week we’re going to focus on some of the characteristics that relate to your business and your audience.

Was their appearance on point? Were they dressed to impress? (Branding)

Did they seem interested in what you have to say? (Relative)

Did they have something to offer? (Value)

It’s easy to seperate your business from real life. However, if you were a client/customer who is interacting with your company for the first time (something like a first date) would they WANT to continue

working with you?

There’s only ONE you. Your business can’t be treated like an extension of you. It’s meant to be the perfect match for your consumer. People don’t always like the owner of a company, they love the brand. Period.

They may buy into what you stand for, but they’ll stay around because of their connection with the business.

I speak about this often, but, according to a marketing study conducted by Stanford there are only 5 true characteristics of a brand that alllll the companies in the world are categorized into.

Where do you fit in?

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