Goals..How many of us have them?

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

It’s Sunday, and I’m gearing up for my brands FOURTH revamp. Yes, FOURTH; but, before I proceed, I wanted to let you guy’s know some of the things that have held CX back from i’s full potential. I’m approaching you guy’s as more than a business owner, think of me as a friend. A friend who’s going to be totally vulnerable and let you guy’s know where I messed up.

Before I ever launched a business I should have ensured myself that I was being these 3 things:

This is going to come off bad but when CX first launched I was not trying to be relatable, I was trying to be the best and show everyone why Graphic Design was MY niche and everything was perfect. Except, it wasn’t perfect. I had all the talent in the world and didn’t know where to start but I staged photos and made things “look” great. No wonder why my first run didn’t work. That’s not relatable to my audience who are small business owners!!! We are always struggling in the beginning!!! If everything was perfect

everyone would be in business for themselves.

I wasn’t honest either. I wasn’t honest with myself, because if I had been I would have re-evaluated my purpose a year ago. But, I kept trying to force myself to be this powerhouse. A Jane of all trades. Pssshhh that never works.

Humility leads to a successful business foundation. Nobody cares that you have talent. Humble yourself enough to know that until you serve your audience the way that you were called to things won’t work out how they are supposed to. Your gift isn’t yours alone, you have it for a reason.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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